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Meet the Candidates

Election Day is May 6th, 2023

Please submit a picture, your full name, the office for which you seek and a biography (up to one page) of yourself to  Please remember provide us reasons that you are seeking office in our town.

Candidates for Mayor

The qualified citizen receiving the most election votes on May 6, 2023

Haley Dennis.jpg

Haley Dennis

Candidates for Town Council

The top five qualified citizens receiving the most election votes on May 6, 2023

Tom Anderson.JPG

Tom Anderson

Ask Your Candidate a Question

Citizens of the town of Poetry are encouraged to present possible questions for the candidates by submitting questions with the form below. If your question is selected, it will be presented to each of the candidates for a timed response.

Ask Your Candidate a Question

Thanks for submitting!

Please note that candidate’s information will be displayed in alphabetical order. will display only that information received by potential candidates running for office for Poetry, Texas Mayor or Town Council.


If you should have any questions, please email those questions to and we will try our best to answer the question. Please note that we may display the question and answer within this website so to better communicate and address frequently asked questions.

Our sincerest appreciation to all that have chosen to run for office in The Town of Poetry, Texas!

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